Wednesday, March 31, 2010

All Dogs Go To.........The Willis House?.....And a Mini Jacey Photo Shoot

Aaron went on a vacation to Florida with Heather's family a couple weeks ago.  While they were away, we "babysat" 4 of their dogs!!  It was fun but man, it got loud sometimes!  Momo was eating an ice cream cone shortly after the dogs arrived..........I think they wanted her to share!

Kristen spending some quality time with Freckles!
We also had my brothers over installing our new living room floor that weekend.  Jacey was enjoying herself too!
Kristen, Ian and the little cousins, Lil'Rob and Jacey

I was trying to get a good picture of Jacey to use for her first birthday invitations...... 
She was more interested in the DS than getting pictures taken.

Oh!  A shoe?  Let's see if I can get this thing off my foot!
And there is a smile....
Almost there!

And the winning picture!

Enjoying Early Spring

I bought Jacey a new seat since she like feeding herself and I no longer had a high chair. She loves it!

Randy tried Ian's new kite he got for his birthday one windy morning!
Just enjoying a morning out in the back yard.
Some school work outside!
A toothy grin!
Milo just being cute.
My Jacey getting sleepy!
Maggin and Milo kisses!
Ian tried riding Jacey on his 4 wheeler and she LOVES it!! 
Pretty Kristen and her Milo
Stunt boy
My Momo Monkey is really growing up lately......
She is gettting so big.
Pretty girls
Just me
Look who's almost walking!
Having fun!
Jacey and I
Jacey playing with Papa ( Randy)....more like trying to steal his hat!
He's just about got the hang of his new bike!

Happy 5th Birthday Ian!!

On March 14th, my last baby turned 5 years old!  It is so much fun watching him learn and discover the world.  He is such a neat kid and I am blessed to be his mama.  I am so thankful to God for blessing us with him at the perfect time.  We got up and headed to church that morning.  We had told Ian, we had a big surprise for him.  The surprise was a big inflatable slide and bounce house for his party!  It was delivered and set up while we  were at church.  He was so excited when he saw it and spent the better part of the day playing.  We ALL had tons of fun celebrating my little buddy!  He had lots of friends and family come to his party and we all enjoyed a Spongebob cake ( I made it with some help from Heather) and ice cream.

I even played on the slide!!


Ian and Milo
There's Randy, way up in the corner!

Aaron wrestling with one of the younger boys.
Aaron is always so good about playing with the little kids.  He was getting them organized to play a game.
Kristen made sure she took all the really little ones for a ride down the slide.  Here she is with Jordyn.(my cousin's baby)
Heather and Jordyn
Kristen and Jordyn
Kristen took Jacey one time but Jacey wasn't exactly thrilled about it.

My neighbor, Lisa, going down with the girls!

Kristen and Lil'Rob
Johnny waiting to try it out.....just to give an idea, Johnny is about 6 feet 5 inches tall standing down there beside the slide!
Kristen and John John
Michelle and Lil'Rob
Cake time
Laughing at everyone singing Happy Birthday

Some of the gifts!!

Happy boy!

REALLY happy boy!!
Trying out his new bike with some help from Trey!

There he goes!!
Sissy helped Ian put together one of his new building sets to end the day.
New monster truck pjs!!

I would have to say, Ian had a wonderful 5th birthday!!  He is such a big boy now!